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I spent 4 months using in building sales funnels and using it for email marketing. In this review I will tell you what may experience is. From the price to it’s enterprise level features – I will reveal all so you can decide if it’s worth the investment for your business. Review: Fast Facts

    • There is a forever Free plan, which means you can use and have time to learn all features of without spending a penny.
    • You can send unlimited number of emails, unlike other email marketing software that it will cost more for higher number of contacts. With you can send unlimited emails on the Free plan.
    • Write blog content. Drive more organic traffic by writing blogs and articles in this’s blog feature.
    • Sell your physical and digital products. Make selling easier with’s integration with Paypal, Stripe and Flutterware.
    • Create and sell your online courses. Create your course site fast without technical knowledge needed. Easily manage your membership sites and manage students. Sell your course with the help of’s funnels and marketing strategies
    • Use affiliate to boost your sales. Build a community of affiliates that will sell your products for your. Manage your affiliate links and payouts in an all in one platform. Review: Pricing is a comprehensive online business platform that allows entrepreneurs to manage their entire online business in one place. The platform offers four pricing plans to cater to different business needs and budgets. pricing

The first plan is the Free plan at $0 per month, which is perfect for small businesses and entrepreneurs who are just starting out. This plan includes all of basic features like unlimited emails sent, 3 sales funnels, and 15 sales funnel steps. However, it has limited number of contacts only up to 2,000. 

The next plan is the Startup plan, which costs $27 per month. This plan includes all the features like 10 sales funnel, 50 sales funnel steps, and 10 automation rules. It also includes up to 5,000 contacts.

The third plan is the Webinar plan, which costs $47 per month. This plan includes all the features like 50 sales funnels, 300 funnel steps, and 100 automation rules . It also includes up to a maximum of 10,000 contacts.

The final plan is the Unlimited plan, which costs $97 per month. This plan includes unlimited on all the features plus free migration and 1-on-1 kickstart coaching session. 

Annual plan will give you a 30% discount.

Rating: 10/10 Review: Sales Funnels

Having an effective sales funnel is crucial for any online business to gain more customers and close deals. Luckily, platforms like offer powerful drag-and-drop tools to help businesses build functional sales funnels quickly and easily. With their pre-built pages and intuitive user interface, creating customized sales funnels is a breeze, even for those without coding or design experience. Additionally, making changes later on is simple and quick, saving business owners valuable time. is the ideal solution for managing your business’s marketing platform with ease and achieving success in the online marketplace. sales funnels

Rating: 9/10 Review: Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective tool for quickly reaching out to customers and prospects, building relationships, and tracking results. However, it can also be costly, with many email marketing services charging per message or limiting the number of messages you can send on a subscription-based plan.

Thankfully, has solved this problem by offering unlimited emails for free. This means that regardless of the size of your email list or the number of messages you send in a month, you won’t have to worry about extra fees.

Compared to other email marketing software providers, such as MailChimp, which only offered limited emails for free in the past,’s unlimited offer is truly impressive. email marketing

Rating: 8/10 Review: Website Builder is a website builder that eliminates the hassle of creating a site from scratch. Their drag-and-drop page builder is user-friendly, allowing users to create a website in minutes. Unlike other page builders that offer an overwhelming number of options, keeps it simple by providing only the essential elements for a great homepage.

What sets apart is their library of blocks and elements on the left-hand side of the screen. These additions enable users to take their basic structure and enhance it with visually appealing and engaging elements such as buttons and images. Moreover, prioritizes functionality and simplicity over the number of templates, making it an ideal choice when time is of the essence. website builder

Rating: 7/10 Review: Business Automation

Marketing automation is a crucial tool for businesses to achieve success and profitability. offers marketing automation features that allow digital businesses to automate transactions, emails, and course access. These processes can be set up with rules to improve user experience and satisfaction rates.’s marketing automation features are designed with solopreneurs and digital businesses in mind, making them user-friendly and accessible for small business owners. Managing customer interactions can be time-consuming, leaving little time for growth-focused projects. With’s marketing automation features, owners can free up time and still maintain satisfied customers. automation

Rating: 8/10 Review: Blogging

Blogging is an effective way to create engaged audiences for a business. However, setting up a blog used to be a complicated process. With WordPress, you had to connect your hosting service to your funnel-building software and then sync it up with course platforms as well. This could become a major headache.

Fortunately, the blogging setup has become so much easier with Systeme. It offers plenty of great templates that make it simple to get started in just a few minutes. Plus, you can even set up a custom domain which is especially useful for businesses. Its features are on par with those from other more expensive services, but with you have access to everything free of charge. blogging

Rating: 7/10 Review: Affiliate Program Management

Affiliate programs are a great way for businesses to expand their reach and increase sales. With platforms like, creating an affiliate program is now free and easy. This is particularly beneficial for smaller businesses that lack the resources required for programs like Kajabi.

By having others promote your brand or product, you can increase outreach potential without much effort on your part. You can compensate affiliates for selling your products, paying a nominal fee in exchange for potentially significant profit. The commission rate can range from 5% to 50%, depending on the product or service being sold.

Working with affiliates also allows for more creativity and innovation compared to hiring an employee. This mutually beneficial arrangement provides monetary compensation for affiliates while helping businesses expand their reach and increase sales. affiliate marketing

Rating: 9/10 Review: Evergreen Webinars

Webinars are a highly effective form of advertising that offer a range of benefits and low start-up costs. For just $47 per month, individuals can start running evergreen webinars, while those seeking unlimited webinar options can opt for the $97 per month plan. The webinar funnel is surprisingly easy to use, with just three simple steps: registration, the actual webinar page, and the thank you page.

Despite the seemingly daunting process, creating webinars doesn’t have to be complicated. All the essential elements, such as countdowns, blocks, and customizable templates, are pre-set in the funnel, making it easy to add your own content and upload videos to complete it. This means that creating professional-looking webinars is now easier than ever before, without the need for coding or fancy software. With an affordable subscription plan starting at just $47, anyone can create webinars from anywhere in the world, on any device they have on hand. webinar

Rating: 8/10 Review: Online Courses

Creating an online course has never been easier with’s user-friendly course builder. All you need to do is name your course and add the necessary modules. From there, you can create individual pages for each lesson that combine key takeaways and video content, making it easy for your students to follow along.

With, you don’t have to worry about lag times or confusion over what information should be included. Their system lays everything out in an easy-to-understand format that can be adjusted if needed. Additionally, their quick video upload feature means that getting your course live takes only minutes of preparation time instead of hours or days.’s comprehensive online courses are perfect for anyone looking to simplify teaching without sacrificing quality. You can create relevant material from the comfort of your own home or office space, without losing too much time in the process. The platform eliminates confusion by providing straightforward instructions on using various features and offering support should you encounter any issues during setup. online course

Rating: 9/10 Review: Sell Products

Selling products online can be overwhelming and expensive, especially if you don’t have a physical product to sell. But with, entrepreneurs of all backgrounds can easily launch their own online store through its innovative resource mechanism. This platform allows you to drop-ship products without the hassle of creating physical items or managing the ordering process. Simply choose the products you want to offer and market them effectively.

One of the major advantages of is its ability to simplify customer tracking and segmentation for merchants with its tagging resource system. During checkout, customers can be tagged based on various factors, providing store owners with valuable insights into their target audience and how they can improve their sales strategies going forward. This tagging resource can also be used for email lists, giving merchants a complete picture of their customer base when sending out marketing campaigns to increase engagement and conversions. ecommerce

Rating: 8/10 Review: Final Verdict

After evaluating, it is clear that the platform provides powerful features and tools that enable businesses of all sizes to build an optimized online presence and increase conversions. The intuitive user interface and step-by-step approach make it easy for business owners to manage and customize their websites, even if they have no coding experience.

In addition to its user-friendly features, offers excellent customer service, comprehensive training resources, SEO support, and ecommerce functionalities such as product discounts, automated emails, and abandoned cart recovery. These features make a complete solution for entrepreneurs looking to create a successful website quickly and efficiently.

Overall, I highly recommend using to help businesses get the professional website they need without the usual tech hassle. Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is is an exceptional all-in-one platform that helps entrepreneurs launch and manage successful online businesses effortlessly. It covers all the necessary tools, saving users from the hassle of piecing together multiple software pieces that could be expensive. With, one can effortlessly set up blog posts, email marketing campaigns, sales funnels, courses, and more to attract customers to their offerings. The user interface is user-friendly and provides all the necessary guidance, making it easy to use. Also, the dashboard layout offers easy tracking of progress with metrics and analytics.

The most significant advantage of using is its affordability, making it an ideal choice for businesses on a budget. With its numerous powerful features like it’s sales funnel builder, users get state-of-the-art technology at a fraction of the cost of other similar services. Everything one needs is available at an affordable price, too great to ignore. enables anyone with ambitions of running a successful online business to do so with relative ease, without worrying about costly investments or complexity-related headaches.

How Does Work? is an all-in-one lead generation and marketing platform that helps businesses increase their sales and grow their customer base. It makes creating a successful sales funnel easy, starting with an optin form for visitors to sign up for offers and updates. They are then sent emails through its integrated email marketing system, driving them to multiple custom-crafted sales pages that showcase the business’s products or services. Finally, they are converted into paying customers as they make the purchase from the checkout page integrated within itself.

Who Is The Founder Of is an e-commerce platform owned by ITACWT Limited, a company registered in Ireland and run by French entrepreneurs. The founder of the platform is Aurelian Amacker, an internet entrepreneur. Since 2018, has been building its infrastructure and has achieved impressive results. It has processed over 140 million emails and facilitated around 11 million euros in sales transactions during its first few years of operation.

Can You Build A Website With

Creating a website with is a great option for those looking to create smaller, simpler websites. This cloud-based web platform offers tools that make it easy to construct pages and digital products for online courses, making it an especially favorable choice for online businesses that don’t need an extensive, elaborate website.

The program is built for marketing purposes, with users able to tailor features such as autoresponders and email capturing to their needs. It’s also user-friendly, complete with drag and drop functionalities so pages can be assembled quickly and easily.

Analytic reports are also featured, allowing users to monitor the progress of their website from visitor statistics to email templates performance. Additionally, enables users to create landing pages without having to build one from scratch, ensuring they are optimized for conversions while making the entire process faster and smoother.

Who is Good For? is an all-in-one platform that is perfect for online entrepreneurs, marketers, and small business owners who want to build and grow their business. This platform eliminates the need to pay for multiple tools, streamlining processes and providing access to vital features, including sales funnels, email marketing, and the ability to sell online courses.

Users can create and customize automated campaigns using drag-and-drop tools for maximum impact, while powerful analytics keep track of results in real-time. The intuitive user interface simplifies the entire setup process, from setting up a custom domain name to tracking leads and sales.

With, you can also monetize your content with affiliate links and custom pricing options that help boost profits even further. The team behind offers around-the-clock support, so entrepreneurs never feel overwhelmed or stuck trying to run their businesses at any point in time.